NEAR Staking Rewards

Stake your NEAR and join us on a mission to build a fairer internet with ZK Tech. 

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Here are the five simple steps to stake your NEAR and earn rewards by securing the NEAR Chain.

Go to your Wallet
You can stake directly from the MyNearWallet interface.
Open MyNearWallet
Go to the Staking tab
Choose ZKV validator.
Add the amount and click 'Delegate'
Sign the transaction

FAQs about NEAR

Here are some of the questions asked the most about NEAR.

NEAR Protocol is a decentralised development platform designed for high-performance applications. It uses a unique block production mechanism called “DoomSlug” and supports sharding to achieve scalability. The protocol focuses on creating a user-friendly experience, making it accessible for developers and end-users alike​.

The NEAR token serves several purposes within the NEAR Protocol. It is used to secure the network through staking, acts as a unit of account for transaction fees and storage costs, and functions as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem. These utilities ensure that the token is integral to maintaining and operating the NEAR network

NEAR Protocol plans to continue evolving its infrastructure with further advancements in sharding technology and improvements in user and developer experiences. The roadmap includes enhancing the scalability of the network and reducing the complexity for developers, which will help accommodate a broader audience and more applications. Additionally, NEAR is exploring more integrations and features that will bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized applications​

NEAR Protocol is actively integrating artificial intelligence to enhance both its network infrastructure and the applications built on it. The focus is on leveraging AI to streamline blockchain operations and improve the efficiency of network processes. This includes optimizing transaction throughput and reducing the complexity of network operations, making it easier for developers to deploy and manage decentralized applications.