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The Governance v2 framework, recently deployed into Kusama, had its debut, proving its utility. An issue with the Kintsugi Parachain prompted the team to post a governance proposal through the “Whitelisted caller”, a fast-track governance body, which allowed the chain to be unbricked. 

Chaos in Kusama, as expected 

A high number of validators, around 150, got chilled (shut down by the network) and slashed (monetarily punished) on December 8th due to software-related issues. 

According to Polkadot founder Robert Harbermeier, “the working hypothesis is that the dispute-coordinator got overloaded, and is becoming unresponsive. We have a few corroborations of this theory, now, from a few different places.”

If governance does not intercede, there will be a slashing worth 21,000 KSM, equivalent to 609,000 USD. Many voices from the ecosystem are calling for the slashing to be stopped since the root cause is the software and not a violation by the validators. 

Dynamic fees

A proposal on the Moonbeam governance forum has an idea to change the network fee mechanism, calling to adopt an algorithmic, congestion-based fee multiplier in the same spirit as EIP-1559. 

According to the proposal, Ethereum transactions on the network will adopt the exact dynamic fee mechanism used by Substrate-based transactions. The mechanism follows the same logic as EIP-1559: when congestion is up then, the price goes up, while when congestion is down, then the price goes down.  

However, although similar to EIP-1559, this mechanism respects some of the Substrate characteristics, such as fixed block space. If the solution is enacted, it will need a few tweaks to make it Ethereum compatible and will be released in the next Runtime upgrade. 

This week’s crowdloans

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Wrap Up

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