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Wormhole has added support to a second parachain, Moonbeam. This integration will allow existing Ethereum tools & dApp front-ends to connect directly to Moonbeam easily. ETH accounts and keys can also now be used on the parachain. 

Zeitgeist launched its first prediction market this past week. Users can predict the winner of the NFL match between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. 

An anonymous parachain won the latest slot on Polkadot. The project is Watr Protocol, which builds a market for trading and financing ESG-oriented assets. Watr has a partnership with Parity to develop an “ethical commodities market” on Polkadot and will be a fully compatible EVM parachain. 

Acala is ready ✅

After several weeks of tracing work and following a generous donation from the Acala Foundation to recapitalize the protocol, Acala seems closer to resuming normal operations.   

The core team is proposing a phased approach to resuming operations, and according to them, it should look as follows: 

Phase 1: Enable LPs to withdraw liquidity from pools

Phase 2: Enable remaining operations except for oracles

Phase 3: Enable oracles

The community, via a signaling vote, widely supported this proposition. The guidelines were drafted with the current state of the general market in mind. Since the market has decreased considerably since the Acala incident, which could prompt liquidations and other disruptions if the operations resume normally, it is important that these above-mentioned steps are followed. 

Google for Dotsama 🔍

A governance proposal to fund a Content Indexer for Dotsama is gathering community feedback. The authors point out that content and information about Polkadot is highly fragmented, making it difficult for community members to find the content they are looking for. 

The idea is to create a website where people could search anything related to Kusama, Polkadot and, in the future, other parachains and have their queries tap into reliable sources of information. The project will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 covers all the technical work and will focus on Polkadot and Kusama. Phase 2 will consist of adding parachains as the community requests them. 

This week’s crowdloans

Weekly Spot: A recent spotted Polkadot /Kusama native NFT

Emerald Detector: Troves of lore dreamt by the poor, were always right under your nose.

Wrap Up

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