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Efinity will power NFT collectables and more for the Final Fantasy video game franchise. These NFTs will be paired with physical trading cards and toys, which will be released in 2023.

A new stablecoin for Dotsama and beyond

During the ParisDOTcomm conference, a new stablecoin was revealed to the Polkadot ecosystem. The stablecoin will be called sTAL, and is currently under compliance and regulatory approval procedures in Switzerland. This has the potential to be a new opportunity for the entire market. 

According to the talk given by its designer Alain Parize, this token will be pegged to a TAL, a basket of assets composed of 250 EUR, 100 CHF, 80 SGD, 1,600 CNY, 18,000 JPY, 50 GBP and ⅛ oz of Gold. The sTAL will be fully redeemable, at any time, for a TAL or its equivalent in any of the currencies mentioned before. 

A particular characteristic of this new model is that it doesn’t include the USD to avoid regulatory conflicts, and an sTAL or a TAL cannot be traded in exchange for USD. Also, the sTAL will have a daily minting cap and the reserves can be audited quarterly by an auditor chosen by the governance. The design is made by the Swiss cooperative COOFITAL, which expects to launch the product in January 2023. 

State of Polkadot 

Messari published the State of Polkadot with a series of stats from Q2, overall pointing in a positive direction for the whole ecosystem regardless of the current market sentiment. 

Developer activity: the Polkadot developer activity remained stable during the last three months, posting above 10,000 Unique Developer Events each month, a similar rate as in Q1. 

Network Usage: active user accounts remained flat compared to the previous quarter (-2%) at around 436,000 users and 878 million DOT transferred (+1.6%). 

Illiquid supply: 54% to 56% of total DOT staked plus 11% of the total DOT supply bonded for two years in crowdloans for the 20 parachain slots assigned during the quarter. 

Other stats also highlighted the network’s rate of decentralisation (95% of validators have ​​between 1.8–2.6 million DOT staked) and the Treasury investments ($1.7 million) across nine proposals. 

An all-in one WASM tool

Astar unveiled a new tool named Swanky that aims to make it easier for developers to deploy smart contracts in Polkadot. 

Swanky is a Command-Line (CLI) tool that bridges the various tools in the WASM ecosystem into a single interface. It will make it easier for the devs to write smart contracts in any language (although this first version only supports ink!) and offer them a growing number of project templates. Moreover, it will also have a Swanky Node, a simple Substrate-based blockchain that enables pallet contracts for local test purposes. 

This week’s crowdloans

Some parachains auctions going on.

Weekly Spot: A recently spotted Polkadot /Kusama native NFT

Elefunky is a generative collection of jolly crypto elephant. His thirst for adventures is endless, naked emotions displayed on his face. Who knows what he will do next when become bored.

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