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OSMO staking rewards
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How to stake your OSMO?

Step 1

Go to Keplr Wallet web dashboard.

Step 2

Scroll to the All Osmosis Validators section.

Step 3

Search for ZKValidator in the search bar.

Step 4

Click on Manage. A popup will appear with your available balance.

Step 5

Choose the amount, click on Delegate and sign the transaction.

Osmosis on ZKV

We featured Osmosis in our event series Privacy in Cosmos. 

Osmosis upcoming events.

Why delegate to ZKV?

You are contributing to the community in many ways by delegating your ATOM to us.

FAQs about the Osmosis Chain.

What is the Osmosis chain?

The Osmosis chain is an IBC sovereign blockchain that focuses on bringing DeFi apps to the greater Cosmos ecosystem. Although it’s popular because of its Decentralised Exchange, there are dozens of other projects building on top of it a whole DeFi ecosytem.

Is Osmosis its own chain?

Yes, Osmosis is its own sovereign blockchain. The DeFi ecosystem being built on top of Osmosis is here

Latest news from Osmosis. 

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