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Skipper, the open-source MEV searching bot repo, announced an integration for Evmos, providing a new template and resource to begin capturing MEV on EVM Cosmos Chains. Previously supporting the Juno Network and Terra via a Python-based bot geared towards CosmWasm chains, Skipper has become the most-used Skip software and has made tens of thousands of dollars in MEV. The auctions on Juno and Terra2 have become highly competitive, with over 200k bundles per day, and the team hopes to bring similar competition and activity to Evmos. 

Two years after the launch

March 29th marked the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which has become the gold standard for blockchain interoperability. Since its inception, IBC has made significant strides in connecting blockchains, allowing them to exchange data and value seamlessly. The number of active chains connected via IBC constantly increases, with the interchain currently comprising 53 active chains. In Q2-Q3 2023, over 20 more chains are projected to enable IBC, continuing the interchain expansion.

Despite difficult market conditions, the total USD value of IBC transfers between January 2022 and February 2023 was $29 billion, with $541 million in cross-chain transfers in February 2023 alone. The last year has seen significant IBC releases and applications, including Fee Middleware, which introduced an on-chain mechanism to fund relayers, and Interchain Accounts, which enable cross-chain communication and chain-to-chain interactions. Interchain Accounts unlock composability and establish interoperability as a basic primitive, enabling users to interact with complex IBC tasks from a single interface.

Overall, the IBC protocol has made great strides in the past two years, and its continued growth and development promise to make blockchain interoperability even more accessible and useful in the future.

Bringing Ethereum NFTs to the Cosmos

Stargaze is developing a new proof of concept for the Stargaze/ETH bridge. The goal of this project is to enable Ethereum and Cosmos communities to migrate to one another seamlessly. The proof of concept is an AirDrop contract that compensates users in the form of stars and adds them to the whitelist of one of the Stargaze collections.This will allow users to explore the Stargaze ecosystem, participating in its features, including NFTs and its upcoming game, Sunnyside Reapers.

One of the biggest barriers to entry for the Stargaze ecosystem is installing a wallet. This project aims to simplify this process and provide users with a more user-friendly experience. The AirDrop is not only a $STARS AirDrop but also includes a three-month whitelist for a mint. This allows users to explore the marketplace and try out the features of the Stargaze ecosystem.

The Stargaze/ETH bridge also includes a collaboration with Sunnyside Reapers, an upcoming game on the Cosmos network. The game features 59 standard cards that can be played against other players.The energy of the cards, when purchased or minted, can be loaded into the game and converted into a card that can be played against other people in the game. This enables users to try out the game and gain an introduction to how it works.

This proof of concept is not just a simple AirDrop but is targeted towards the community, allowing users to migrate from Ethereum to Cosmos seamlessly. The Stargaze/ETH bridge aims to be a unique experience for users and provide a new way for users to access the Stargaze ecosystem. The project’s success will be measured by the number of users onboarded to the Stargaze ecosystem and the number of users who stick around after trying out the features.


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