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Why stake your KSM to our nomination pool?

With a nomination pool for staking KSM, you gain numerous advantages. There’s no staking minimum, so you can start with any amount. You don’t need both a stash and controller account. Even a stake as low as 1 KSM can earn rewards. Plus, you have greater control over your rewards, allowing you to optimize your staking outcomes.

Step 1

Go to the nomination pools module of the Polkadot.js web app.

Step 2

Perform a search (Cmd/Ctrl + F) and type ZKValidator.

Step 3

Once you find our pool (#146) click join.

Step 4

Add the amount of KSM you want to stake and click join again.

Step 5

Confirm the transaction.

Our work on Dotsama. 

We brought to the Dotsama ecosystem our events featuring privacy and ZK tech.

Why delegate to ZKV?

You are contributing to the community in many ways by delegating your ATOM to us.

FAQs about Kusama.

What is Kusama?

Kusama is a Layer 0 blockchain aiming to provide security and interoperability to other application-specific parachains. 

What's the minimum amount to stake KSM?

The minimum bonding amount is 0.1 KSM. 

Is Kusama a testnet?

No, Kusama is not a testnet. It’s an independent Layer 1 with actual financial value. However, it was built around experimenting and fostering fast innovation, knowing the implicit risks it may have to benefit the whole Dotsama ecosystem. 

Latest news from Dotsama. 

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