We fund innovative cryptography & privacy technologies.

We have invested into teams that are developing and harnessing innovative cryptography to underpin the future adoption of a more decentralised internet. In particular we back teams that share our vision of using these technologies for greater privacy for the individual.



Eigenlayer brings the ability for existing stakers in blockchains like eth2, cosmos and others to run a whole gamut of services like authentication, virtualization and others at the core proof-of-stake security.



Celestia is a minimal blockchain that only orders and publishes transactions and does not execute them. By decoupling the consensus and application execution layers, Celestia modularizes the blockchain technology stack and unlocks new possibilities for decentralized application builders.


Diva is an Ethereum Liquid Staking protocol powered by Distributed Validator Technology (DVT). It is a vertically integrated protocol that connects Stakers and Operators. While other solutions have features like liquid staking or DVT as tools, Diva is the first end-to-end solution that fully addresses the current economical and technical challenges that Ethereum’s staking mechanism poses.



Telepathy is a protocol built by Succinct Labs that enables developers to securely pass arbitrary messages from between blockchains. It also supports applications that want to read Ethereum state across different chains, or access consensus information directly within smart contracts.


Herodotus aims to provide smart contracts with synchronous access to on-chain data coming from other Ethereum layers. Herodotus leverages the fact that stateful blockchains such as Ethereum or Starknet commit and store their state in a cryptographic manner by using dedicated data structures


Osmosis is an independent blockchain network within the Cosmos ecosystem. It is an automated market maker (AMM) and decentralised exchange (DEX) built using the Cosmos SDK as a chain from the Cosmos Hub. Stake your OSMO with us

Repyh Labs

Repyh Labs is developing a blockchain with a focus on extraordinary scalability, sovereignty coupled with composability, and ease of verification. Their blockchain architecture is designed for high throughput, leveraging a modular structure, sharded execution, and zero-knowledge proofs.


Axiom is a ZK (Zero-Knowledge) coprocessor designed for Ethereum, enabling trustless computation over Ethereum’s history from within smart contracts. It supports on-chain access to transactions and receipts. Key features include the ability to read any data from archive nodes, including ZK proofs for various blockchain elements.


Capsule is a platform designed to simplify on-chain transactions. It offers a cross-app embedded wallet infrastructure, emphasizing easy user onboarding, wallet portability, and programmable signing. Capsule’s features include recoverable, non-custodial wallets, single sign-on across chains, devices, and apps, and customizable transaction controls.


Penumbra is a shielded, cross-chain network allowing anyone to securely transact, stake, swap, or marketmake without broadcasting their personal information to the world. This enables private trading in any cryptoasset including fungible and non-funglible tokens. Stake your PEN with us.


Cubist offers a comprehensive suite of security-focused development tools that streamline Web3 development, ensure safety and increase efficiency. By implementing software engineering best practices throughout the entire dapp lifecycle, from Continuous Integration (CI) testing to secure credential management, Cubist eliminates the need for developers to navigate complex interfaces and infrastructure. With its secure-by-design approach, Cubist empowers developers to create top-notch applications with ease.


RISC Zero is zero-knowledge virtual machine that can run on any platform. It’s a virtual microcontroller / co-processor that produces receipts for every program it runs. These receipts can be verified at anytime by anyone in milliseconds.


Espresso is a layer 1 blockchain system that combines proof-of-stake consensus and a ZK-Rollup mechanism to achieve high throughput and low fees. Espresso has also developed Configurable Asset Privacy for Ethereum (CAPE), an application that can run on any EVM blockchain.


Ingonyama is focused on hardware acceleration for zero knowledge proof algorithms and other advanced cryptography. They are working closely with several teams building rollups to unlock the full potential of zero knowledge proofs for scaling.


Scroll is an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup built in early 2021 as part of the vibrant Ethereum ecosystem. Scroll uses zkEVM as its core component to prove the native EVM execution trace and leverages a decentralized proving network to solve the efficiency problem on the prover side.


Aztec is an open source layer 2 network championing scalability and privacy in the Ethereum network. Built on PLONK, a superfast SNARK technology, Aztec acts as a privacy shield for financial transactions protecting users and business identity and balance data.


Anoma is a proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that enables private transactions and private bartering with any number of parties to increase the chance of finding suitable trading partners. Transaction data is kept anonymous for all traded assets which includes currency, NFTs and other goods and services.


zkSync, is a user-centric zk rollup platform developed by Matter Labs It is a scaling solution for Ethereum that is already live on the mainnet. The main feature of zkSync are extremely low transaction fees, trustless protocol, cryptographic security, full user control of funds and no requirement for operational activity to secure funds.


Aleo provides tools to build private and zero knowledge applications with ease. It is the world’s first IDE built intentionally for zero knowledge proofs. Developers create their app using Leo, a language that requires no cryptography, apps are compiled on the platform and deployed to the blockchain within a short timeframe.


rhino.fi is a Layer 2 gateway to multi-chain DeFi facilitating fast, private and gas free transactions. You can buy, trade and invest effortlessly across all of your favourite blockchains from a single wallet. rhino.fi uses zkSTARKS – a technology that permits thousands of transactions to be settled in a single batch transaction.

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