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Stargaze has put forward an on-chain proposal to increase the marketplace listing fee for NFTs from 0 STARS to 5 STARS. This change is to create a better deterrent for spam listings and be more successful in preventing bots.

The 2022 developer report by Electric Capital was released last week. In the report, Cosmos was mentioned alongside Solana, Polkadot and Polygon as one of the ecosystems that have experienced high growth in monthly active developers (​​MAD). From 2018 to 2022, Cosmos went from less than 200 MAD to over 1,000 MAD. 

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More for Stakers?

A governance proposal posted on Commonwealth suggests an alternative approach to increasing ownership of the OSMO token through incentivising staking rather than using the current method of forced staking of LP rewards. The proposal notes that one of the main criticisms of the current approach is that the staking rewards rate (24%) is significantly lower than the inflation rate (39%).

The proposal suggests redirecting funds currently going into the community pool towards incentivise platform ownership instead. The author notes that the community pool is currently funded with 72M OSMO, which represents 14% of the total market cap and has a value of $62M at the lows of the bear market. They argue that further funding of the pool would be unnecessary and could be used against the community by scammers.

The author also suggests that the reduced incentives for LPers should also be directed towards stakers, as there is a push to reduce LP incentives further. They ask for someone to provide the current amount directed towards the community pool, noting that it was 5% at one time but should be more now, with LPers having reduced incentives.

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Bringing Uniswap to Evmos 

A proposal on the Evmos Commonwealth forum has proposed two possible routes to bring Uniswap V3 to Evmos: 

One way is going through the Uniswap governance process to be granted permission for the V3 licence use, forking their AMM code, and deploying to Evmos. This route has the benefit of exposure of Evmos directly on the Uniswap V3 User Interface (UI) and brand recognition. However, it also has the con of taking 1-2 months of resources spent on the Uniswap governance process, and the licence expires on April 1st. 

The other route is to wait until the business licence expires on April 1st when anyone can use the V3 codebase to fork their AMM code. This route has the benefit of minimal resources spent to get the code and more time to prepare for the launch. However, it has no definite exposure to Uniswap V3 UI and brand recognition.

The proposer, ICHI, is also offering the community its Vaults protocol and becoming a partner for the application process in the Uniswap community governance. Vaults are infrastructure to build liquidity in a decentralised world and enable communities to create liquidity programs that drive value back to those who rely on them. 

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