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Numia, a project focused on making on-chain data accessible in Cosmos, published the current user-activity stats for the ecosystem. According to this post, the number of Monthly Active Accounts combining some of the chains of Cosmos Ecosystem (Hub, Osmosis, Evmos, Stargaze and Stride) is over 600,000, just a few shy of the all-time high achieved in April. 

A constitution is brewing

This year, the Juno community went through a critical moment with the “Whale Controversy”, placing some precedent in the blockchain space. This week, a community member raised a post on the community forum, proposing the creation of a constitution, which will set the actions that can be taken by governance. 

The current draft has three articles, which read as follows:

Article 1: New & existing articles may only be approved or amended by a super majority on-chain governance ruling, i.e. 2/3 approval.

Article 2: Social consensus via on-chain governance is the unbendable standard for decision-making related to the JUNO Distributed Ledger.

Article 3: Addresses (accounts) on the Juno distributed Ledger are sacrosanct. Governance may not alter account balances.

The proposal, which is waiting to be posted for an on-chain vote, needs to get 66.7% of favourable votes to be enacted. 

Open Source Only 

The controversial Juno’s proposal #59, asking for the Juno Community Pool to only fund open-source teams and projects, caught the attention of the larger Cosmos ecosystem. A similar discussion is taking place on the Osmosis community forum with some tweaks. 

The author of the post emphasises funding only open source projects but thinks there should be some considerations regarding what’s considered “open source” to not disincentivize builders. 

To be eligible for receiving funding, the team has to issue an open-source licence. This includes permissive (e.g. MIT, Apache) and copyleft (e.g. GPL, AGPL) licences, but must be for the“core components” – aka. any part of the technology that is essential for a user to replicate the same functionality. 

Airdrops List

Here’s a list of upcoming airdrops. 

Wrap Up

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