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How to stake your BLD?

Step 1

Go to Keplr Wallet web dashboard.

Step 2

Scroll to the All Agoric Validators section.

Step 3

Search for ZKValidator in the search bar.

Step 4

Click on Manage. A popup will appear with your available balance.

Step 5

Choose the amount, click on Delegate and sign the transaction.

Agoric on ZKV.  

We featured Agoric on our event Privacy in Cosmos. 

Agoric upcoming events.

Why delegate to ZKV?

You are contributing to the community in many ways by delegating your ATOM to us.

FAQs about Agoric.

What is the Agoric chain?

The Agoric chain is a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain that allows developers to deploy Smart Contracts using a Javascript platform. In other words, Agoric wants to tap into the over 10 million Javascript developer market to make developing faster in the blockchain space. 

Where to buy BLD?

You can buy BLD on Osmosis or via the centralised exchange Houbi.

How does the IST stablecoin works?

The Inter Stable Token ($IST) is an overcollateralized, crypto assets backed, stablecoin protocol launching on the Agoric blockchain. $IST will be minted by users who use IBC tokens as collateral, and it will be governed by BLD token holders. You can watch a deep explanation by its founders here

Latest news from Agoric. 

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