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GR15 ZK Tech Side Round Wrap Up

A quick run through the results of the latest ZK Tech side round organised by ZKValidator.


The ZK Tech GR15 Side Round took place this past month with $45,000 in matching funds to help advance Zero Knowledge tooling and applications in the blockchain space. This time ZKValidator partnered with 0xParc, Risc0, and Scroll to make this round a reality. 

The 33 grants that participated in the round raised a total of $122,500, thanks to the contribution of 15,852 donors who added $77,500 to the pool. 

The ZK Tech Round

As mentioned, 33 grants participated in the round, the highest amount in the history of the ZK Tech round. The round has gained popularity, and although the quality of the projects that were approved to participate was high, we did notice an increase in spam grant submissions that our team vetted.

This time, the matching partners implemented a cap of 10% ($4,500) to ensure a fair distribution of funds among participants while, at the same time, applying the Quadratic Funding (QF) to distribute the funds. This mechanism gives more weight to the number of contributors than the amount funded, giving more power to the majority than to those with more economical means.

The following table will show the round’s top 10 grants by contributions.


Gitcoin ZK Tech round wrap up.

Wrap up

So that wraps up the GR15 ZK Tech side round. If you want to contribute to future rounds or keep up to date with our plans for funding zero knowledge based technology, you can follow ZKValidator and 0xParc on Twitter or head over to the ZKValidator website or 0xParc website.

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