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FAQs about Quicksilver.

What is Quicksilver?

Quicksilver is a decentralized liquid staking protocol for IBC-enabled chains.


It allows you to liquid Stake your Cosmos assets with your preferred validator and receive liquid staked assets (qASSETs) that you can use for swapping, pooling, lending, and more, all while your original stake earns staking APY from securing the network.

What's Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking aims to increase liquidity & capital efficiency for proof-of-stake blockchains like the blockchains in Cosmos. It helps you earn APY on staked Assets, participate in DeFi protocols with previously locked liquidity, and support network health.


In liquid staking, a protocol takes deposits from stakers, stakes the tokens with validators on behalf of the staker, and then gives the staker a voucher that is redeemable for the staked tokens. These vouchers offer the same functions as liquid tokens, and can be traded, transacted, and used as collateral. 

On Quicksilver, you stake your Cosmos assets, like STARS or JUNO, and receive a qASSET in return (qSTARS, qJUNO). These qASSETS can be traded, sent, and used as collateral.

What makes Quicksilver Liquid Staking different from other liquid staking protocols?

Most liquid staking protocols only offer a limited whitelist of validators, and the protocol decides which validators your stake goes to. They also don’t commonly allow for governance participation.


Quicksilver allows stakers to choose from an unrestricted validator set, meaning you can choose your favorite validator. Plus, the signaling intent feature lets you tell the protocol which validator you want it to stake to on your behalf. Finally, Quicksilver is enabling governance participation, and will mirror native chain proposals in the app for easy voting by Quicksilver users. 

Does Quicksilver have a token?

Yes, Quicksilver has a native token called QCK. QCK stakers receive QCK rewards for staking, and also receive rewards in ATOM, REGEN, STARS, and other Cosmos chains that are available on the protocol. 

When are the Quicksilver airdrops?

Quicksilver is taking a unique approach to its airdrop. As new chains are onboarded to Quicksilver, eligible stakers will receive a $QCK airdrop. Airdrops happen on an ongoing basis.

How do I liquid stake on Quicksilver?

Go to https://app.quicksilver.zone/ to stake on Quicksilver.

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