$140M+ Delegated to Us

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MINA staking rewards
with purpose.

How to stake your MINA?

Step 1

Install the AuroWallett Chrome extension.

Step 2

On the extension, click on the staking tab that's shown below.

Step 3

Search for ZKValidator in the search bar.

Step 4

Select ZKValidator, choose the speed of your transaction and click on next.

Step 5

Click on confirm the transaction.

Why delegate to ZKV?

You are contributing to the community in many ways by delegating your ATOM to us.

FAQs about Mina Protocol.

What is Mina Protocol?

Mina is a Layer 1 blockchain built around zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee scalability and privacy. It’s supposed to be the world’s lightest blockchain.

What are the zkApps?

The zkApps are decentralised applications running on Mina that use zk-SNARKS to conduct trustless blockchain transactions. 

Ready to support Privacy in Mina?

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