SUI Staking Rewards

Stake your SUI and join us on a mission to build a fairer internet with ZK Tech. 

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Stake your sui in simple steps.

Here are the five simple steps to stake your SUI and earn rewards by securing the Sui Network.

Go to your Wallet
The Sui Wallet allows you to stake directly.
Open Sui Wallet
Click on the "Stake & Earn SUI" button
Choose a validator
Look for ZKV's validator
Enter the amount of SUI you want to stake
Sign the transaction

FAQs about Sui

Here are some of the questions asked the most about Sui Network.

Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain known for its high transaction speeds and scalability. It uses the Move programming language, which allows for secure, parallel processing of transactions. This design enhances Sui’s ability to handle a large volume of transactions simultaneously, making it a strong candidate for developers looking to build scalable applications​.

Sui is distinguished by its use of the Move programming language which supports an ownership model for assets, enabling unique functionalities like mutable and dynamic NFTs. The network also features parallel transaction execution, which reduces bottlenecks common in traditional blockchain systems. This allows Sui to maintain low gas fees even under high demand​

Sui operates under a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) system where SUI token holders can delegate their tokens to validators who then participate in the network’s consensus mechanism. This model not only secures the network but also allows token holders to earn staking rewards while contributing to network governance

Sui has shown significant growth with the mainnet launch supported by over 100 validators and more than 400 nodes. The network has reached milestones like one million active accounts and a peak of over 65 million transactions in a single day. This growth reflects the network’s scalability and the developers’ and users’ interest