MINA Staking Rewards

Stake your MINA and join us on a mission to build a fairer internet with ZK Tech. 

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Stake your mina in simple steps.

Here are the five simple steps to stake your mina and earn rewards by securing the Mina Protocol.

Go to your Wallet
Auro Wallet allows you to stake directly from their platform
Open Auro
Click on Staking
Click on Search Block Producer
Look for ZKV's validator
Sign the transaction

FAQs about Mina protocol

Here are some of the questions asked the most about Mina Protocol.

MINA Protocol utilizes advanced cryptographic techniques like zk-SNARKs to enable a lightweight blockchain with high scalability and privacy. This design allows the blockchain to maintain a small size, facilitating quick synchronization and accessibility.

MINA’s key features include its constant-sized blockchain, privacy-preserving transactions, and the ability to run full nodes on lightweight devices due to its minimal data requirements.

zkApps are decentralized applications on the MINA Protocol that leverage zero-knowledge proofs to ensure privacy and security while maintaining scalability. These apps enable new possibilities for use cases that require data privacy.

Staking on MINA involves delegating MINA tokens to validators who are responsible for producing blocks and maintaining the network. Stakers earn rewards proportional to the amount of MINA they stake and the efficiency of their chosen validator.